unrestricted valid certificate or inspection certificate, temporary restricted certificate or inspection certificate, invalid certificate or inspection certificate
1101 Groupmanager agricultural biomass producer, 1102 Producer of agricultural biomass, 1201 Groupmanager forest biomass producer, 1202 Producer of forest biomass, 1301 Groupmanager waste producer, 1302 Waste producer / production point, 2101 First gathering point agricultural biomass, 2201 First gathering point forest biomass, 2301 Collector of waste and residues, 3101 Treatment plant agricultural biomass, 3102 Pellet plant agricultural biomass, 3103 Briquette plant agricultural biomass, 3201 Treatment plant forest biomass, 3202 Pellet plant forest biomass, 3203 Briquette plant forest biomass, 3301 Treatment plant waste and residues, 3302 Pellet plant waste and residues, 3303 Briquette plant waste and residues, 3401 Biogas plant (raw biogas, fermentation), 3402 Biogas (raw biogas, gasification), 3403 Biomethane treatment plant, 4001 Supplier before the last interface, 5101 Electricity from biomass (solid biomass), 5102 Heat from biomass (solid biomass), 5201 Electricity from biogas (raw biogas), 5202 Heat from biogas (raw biogas), 5301 Electricity from biomethane, 5302 Heat from biomethane, 6001 Electricity trader / distributor, 6002 Heat trader / distributor,
AGRI Agricultural biomass (without agri. waste and residues), AGRI WaR Agricultural waste and residues, FOREST Forest biomass (without forest waste and residues), FOREST WaR Forest waste and residues, WaR Waste and Residues (not agricultural or forest),
K-SURE-EU inspection certificate SURE-EU, Z-SURE-EU certificate for SURE-EU